Guest Teacher Bible Studies

Dr. Gary Dromi

A Look At Mormonism

A brief look at the history of Mormonism, its founder, Joseph Smith, Jr. and some of their practices. Part 2 A look at the persecutions of Mormons and their sources of “authority.” Part 3 Evidence against the Book of Mormon, the theology of Mormonism, a comparison of Mormonism vs. Biblical Christianity.

A Look At Roman Catholicism

  • Part 1 A brief look at the history, Councils, and theological beliefs held by the Roman Catholic Church. Includes the Roman Catholic view of salvation and a description of the first four sacraments: baptism, (including infant baptism), confirmation, holy eucharist (communion), and confession/penance.
  • Part 2 Continues with an explanation of the last three sacraments: anointing of the sick (extreme unction), holy orders, and holy matrimony. There is a brief explanation of the papacy and an in depth discussion of the various beliefs/doctrines with regard to Mary. This session ends with a comparison of Biblical truth vs. Roman Catholic theology and doctrine.
  • Part 3 Continues the comparisons between Biblical truth vs. Roman Catholic theology and doctrine. This session ends with instructions and admonitions from the apostle Paul.

A Look At Islam

  • Part 1 An introduction to the Islamic religion including: A historic look at its beginning; the early years of Muhammad, his visions and his “prophetic call”; the Kaa’ba stone and its significance to the Islamic faith.
  • Part 2 A continuing look at the Islamic faith including: “Allah” and his names; the Sunnis, Shiites and Sufis; the writings of Islam ~ the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunna. The “Five Articles of Faith” and the “Five Pillars of Faith” as well as the cultural expression of Islam are all explained in this session.
  • Part 3 A brief comparison of the key writings and doctrines of Islam vs. the truths of Biblical Christianity.

A Look At Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Part 1 In this session we’ll look at how this organization came into being, who was the founder, and a brief look at their history.
  • Part 2 In this session we’ll take a brief look at the doctrines, beliefs and theology of the organization known at the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Part 3 In this final session, we’ll look at the biblical evidence that argues against the doctrines, beliefs and teaching of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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