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Scofield Ministries is Pleased to Freely Offer a Study in First Year Greek.

Dr. Mal Couch taught Koine Greek for many years.  Therefore, we are making his First Year Greek Videos available to all who wish to learn the Biblical Language in which the New Testament was originally written. 

Memories of Mal

Recently Dr. John Pappas and Dr. Tom McCall reminisced about Dr. Mal Couch. You can listen directly below by pressing the ‘play’ symbol or CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Think Biblically

Dr. Lacy Couch

Dr. Lacy Couch was head of the counseling department of Tyndale Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. She has taught in the field of Biblical counseling and was actively involved in the counseling ministry.

She is Founder and President of Baca Christian Counseling in association with Scofield Ministries. She is currently Administrator for Scofield Ministries. Dr. Lacy Couch holds a BA from Southern Oklahoma State University, the MA from Liberty University, and D.Min from Louisiana Baptist Seminary.

Here Are Lacy's Latest Vignettes


Bobby Hayes
Bobby Hayes is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary where he studied for many years under the direction of Dr. Mal Couch.

Bobby has a heart for history and has taught many courses on church and Bible history throughout his ministry. His great love in the Word is the book of Daniel. He has taught this book more than any other book of the Bible and is always looking for opportunities to increase his knowledge of this book and bring that knowledge to his students.

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Dr. Paul Benware
Dr. Paul Benware is a Bible Professor, Theologian, Preacher, Conference Speaker and Author who has a passion for teaching and training the Church of Jesus Christ.

As a conservative theologian he is committed to teaching the Scriptures as the fully inspired Word of God. He has a deep concern for the Church to learn, know and live the truths of Biblical Prophecy. Visit his website:

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Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead
Daniel E. Woodhead is the pastor of the Pentwater Bible Church in Michigan and President of Scofield Biblical Institute and Theological Seminary.

He also teaches Biblical Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the Seminary.

He has attended the Moody Bible Institute, Tyndale Seminary, Hebrew University, and Hebrew College concentrating in Jewish Studies, Hebrew and the Old Testament.

He was a student of Dr. Couch and earned his MTS and Ph.D. degrees through him at Scofield Graduate School, Modesto California.

Find more of his writings at his blog, Theology in Perspective.

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Dr. John Pappas
Dr. John Pappas has been a co-laborer with Dr. Couch for over 15 years, participating in Church and academic activities, teaching Bible, Biblical languages, theology, and prophecy.

He received his BS in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas; MA in Biblical languages from Tyndale Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas; MDiv., Th.M and Th.D from Scofield Graduate School, Modesto, California.

Dr. Pappas also works as an engineer specializing in embedded avionic systems for helicopters. He holds patents in both ice protection and vibration control for helicopters.

He authors the website Bible Greek Vpod, which is dedicated to teaching the Biblical languages to all who desire to learn them.

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by Dr. John Pappas
Dr. Andy Woods
Dr. Andy Woods became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honors earning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science (University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School, CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus Community College, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in Pico Rivera, CA (1996-1998).

In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors (2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Andy is the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church and an associate professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston and teaches Bible and theology. In addition, Andy has contributed to many theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

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Dr. Gary Dromi
Dr. Gary Dromi currently resides in Springdale, AR. He has been in full-time ministry for over thirteen years. He holds a B.A., M.A. and a D.Min. in Biblical Studies.

While on sabbatical, he completed his Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling and is now available for pulpit fill, seminars and a full-time pastoral position.

He can be reached at:

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Steven Ger
Steven Ger grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York and Aberdeen, New Jersey, where he was educated in both church and synagogue due to his distinctive heritage as a Jewish Christian. He is the founder and director of Sojourner Ministries, an organization dedicated to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity. The name of the ministry is derived from the Hebrew meaning of Mr. Ger’s surname.

In Hebrew, the word “ger” means sojourner or wanderer. This particular “wandering” Jew’s faith journey has led him to the conviction that Jesus is the Messiah who was foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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Dr. Raj Kripalani
Dr. Raj Kripalani was born in India but grew up in the country of Belize and lived in Mexico City for 4 years.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ambassador University in East Texas, Master’s degree in Apologetics from Tyndale Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Ministries in Theology (D.Min.) from Louisiana Baptist University and a PhD from Trinity Graduate School of Theology.

He received his ordination in Ministries from Tyndale Seminary in 2002.

Dr. Kripalani is fluent in Spanish, Sindhi, Creole and English and serves as Hispanic Pastor at First Baptist Church in Corsicana, TX. His current ministry also involves teaching Spanish Theology, and Spiritual Growth classes for potential Hispanic pastors and lay leaders.

He is married to Adrienne who was born and raised in Liberal KS. Adrienne had 5 yrs. experience working with Child Evangelism Fellowship in inner city St. Louis before she met and married Raj. They are new parents to Johannes Kripalani.



The Mal Couch Legacy Collection

The Mal Couch Legacy Collection is a series of six books written by theologian, teacher and author, Dr. Mal Couch.  Five of these books were never published in print form.  Books 1 through 6 are complete and available on Amazon as ebooks (click on book).

The Gathering Storm
Monthly CD Series

Each month Scofield Ministries sends out a CD featuring the best prophecy Bible teachers in America. Here is our most recent line up of topics. CLICK HERE

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This Scholarship Program is for Pastors and/or Teachers of the Bible identified as men engaged in serious biblical study and exegesis. You will receive 5 books and a 12 month subscription to The Gathering Storm.



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