Genesis and Revelation with Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead

Daniel E. Woodhead is the pastor of Pentwater Bible Church and executive VP of Scofield Seminary where he teaches Biblical Hebrew and is the Dean of the Jewish Studies program. He has attended the Moody Bible Institute and Tyndale Seminary. He has taken Hebrew from Hebrew University in Jerusalem both on-line and on campus. He continues his studies at Hebrew College in their Jewish Studies program. He was a student of Dr. Couch and earned his MTS and Ph.D degrees through him at Scofield Seminary.

Find more of his writings at his blog, Doctor Woodhead, Theology in Perspective. Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead also has written a commentary on 1 Corinthians titled, “Practical Biblical Instruction For Living In A Hostile Culture” as well as a commentary on the book of Zechariah, “God Remembers Israel’s Future”

Genesis Bible Study

Genesis Msg 1

This message provides and introduction to the book of Genesis and discusses pre-history of the universe Creation Day One. A discussion of the fall of Lucifer follows the introduction.

Genesis Msg 2

This message continues the discussion of the creation on day 1 with the formation of light.

Genesis Msg 3

This message continues the creation with a discussion of day 2 and the stretching out of the heavens, called the rakeah in Hebrew.

Genesis Msg 4

This message discusses the creation on day 3 with the creation of water, dry land seas and vegetation.

Genesis Msg 5

This message discusses the creation on day 4 where light is divided from darkness. It also discusses the signs in the stars.

Genesis Msg 7

This message discusses the creation of land living creatures on day 6 including humans.

Genesis Msg 8

This message discusses the creation on day 7 with a discussion of the Sabbath.

Genesis Msg 9

This message discusses the creation and its design. Evolution is refuted.

Genesis Msg 10

In this message we discuss the generations (toledots) authorship of “>Genesis and The Garden of Eden.

Genesis Msg 11

This message discuss the covenant or set of conditions the human race would experience based upon the sin that was not in the universe.

Genesis Msg 12

And God Created Woman

Genesis Msg 13

This message discusses the fall of mankind part I

Genesis Msg 14

This message continues the Fall of mankind Part II

Genesis Msg 15

This message brings the announcement of God’s promise of a savior. We call this the Proto-Evangelium.

Genesis Msg 16

This message discusses the Adamic Covenant

Genesis Msg 17

This message discusses the effects of the Fall of mankind

Genesis Msg 18

This message discusses the world’s first murder which Cain slaying Able

Genesis Msg 19

This message discuss the genealogical lines of Cain and Seth.

Genesis Msg 20

This message clearly demonstrates the seed line to God’s Messiah.

Genesis Msg 21

This message discusses the generations of Adam.
This message starts the Sons of God which came into human women to cause the Nephilim.

Genesis Msg 22

In this message God judges the wickedness of mankind by bringing the Flood

Genesis Msg 23

In this message God’s provides refuge in the Ark

Genesis Msg 24

In this message God commands Noah and his family to enter the Ark

Genesis Msg 25

This message discussed the Great Flood

Genesis Msg 26

In this message the Great Flood begins to recede.

Genesis Msg 27

The folks of the ark begin to depart

Genesis Msg 28

In this message the Noach covenant is discussed as it relates to all mankind.

Genesis Msg 29

In this message God discusses the covenant He made with Noah and the Sign He gave him.

Genesis Msg 30

In this message God describes the progeny of Noah called the Table of Nations

Genesis Msg 31

In this message we see the line of Ham one of Noah’s sons and the introduction of Nimrod

Genesis Msg 32

In this message God introduces the seed line of Shem

Genesis Msg 33

In this message God continues to discuss and reveal the complete seed line of Shem.

Genesis Msg 34

In this message God reveals the incident at Babel and Nimrod’s Tower.

Genesis Msg 35

In this message God describes His call to Abram

Genesis Msg 36

In this message God describes His call to Abram that includes the Journey from Haran.

Genesis Msg 37

In this message we learn of Abram’s trip to Egypt

Genesis Msg 38

In this message Lot, Abram’s nephew goes to Sodom

Genesis Msg 39

In this message God reconfirmed His covenant with Abraham and The Battle of the Kings.

Genesis Msg 40

In this message God introduces the special person called Melchizedek.

Genesis Msg 41

In this message God seals His Covenant with Abram.

Genesis Msg 42

This message begins the saga of Ishmael, Hagar and Sarai

Genesis Msg 43

In this message God discusses the token he provided for the Abrahamic Covenanant

Genesis Msg 44

In this message the angels appear to Abraham.

Genesis Msg 45

In this message Abraham intercedes into the situation with Lot and Lot backslides.

Genesis Msg 46

In this message God Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah & The Origin of Ammon and Moab.

Genesis Msg 47

In this message we find Abraham sinning at Gerar.

Genesis Msg 48

In this message the promise son Isaac is born and Ishmael is expelled.

Genesis Msg 49

In this message God discusses the Covenant at Beersheba and the Akedah

Genesis Msg 50

In this message God reconfirms His Covenant with Abraham and we see the death of Sarah.

Genesis Msg 51

In this message God describes the importance of the cave at Machpelah and How Isaac gets a bride.

Genesis Msg 52

In this message God continues the process of getting a special bride for Isaac.

Genesis Msg 53

This message Continues the saga of God Providing the perfect wife for Isaac.

Genesis Msg 54

In this message God passes the Abrahamic Covenant to the Special Son Isaac.

Genesis Msg 55

In this message we see the dynamics surrounding the birth of the twins, Jacob & Esau.

Genesis Msg 56

In this message we see the Sin of Isaac

Genesis Msg 57

The Struggle for the wells.

Genesis Msg 58

Transition of the Blessing Part I

Genesis Msg 59

Transition of the Blessing Part II

Genesis Msg 60

In this message Jacob flees to Haran

Genesis Msg 61
In this message we begin the discussion of the marriages of Jacob.

Genesis Msg 62

In this message we begin the discussion of the sons of Jacob.

Genesis Msg 63

In this message god Provides Jacob with many material blessings.

Genesis Msg 64

In this message we see God directing Jacob to Bethel.

Genesis Msg 65

In this message Laban Confronts Laban.

Genesis Msg 66

In this message we see the contract that Jacob enters into as well as Sending a message to Esau his brother.

Genesis Msg 67

God changes Jacob’s name to Israel and he finally meets Esau.

Genesis Msg 68

In this message the terrible incident of Dinah’s rape and Jacob’s sons vengeance.

Genesis Msg 69

In this message Jacob goes to Bethel and Rachel and Isaac die.

Genesis Msg 70

In this message the Lord gives us the Toldot (Generations) of Esau.

Genesis msg 71

This message introduces Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph the Dreamer.

Genesis Msg 72

In this message Joseph is sold into slavery be his brothers.

Genesis Msg 73

In this message God gives us the strange case of Judah and Tamar.

Genesis Msg 74

In this message Joseph becomes the manager of Potiphar Pharaoh’s chief executioner’s house.

Genesis Msg 75

In this message Joseph is in prison charged with rape of Potiphar’s house.

Genesis Msg 76

In this message Joseph who knows dreams is called to Pharaoh to interpret his dreams.

Genesis msg 77

In this message due to his divine ability to interpret dreams, Joseph is elevated to become prime minister of Egypt.

Genesis Msg 78

In this message due to the massive world-wide famine Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt for food.

Genesis Msg 79

In this message Joseph’s brothers who now have food return to Israel with the food.

Genesis Msg 80

In this message Joseph’s brothers who now have food return to Israel with the food Part II

Genesis Msg 81

In this message after all these meetings Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers.

Genesis Msg 82

In this message Pharaoh extends and Invitation to Jacob’s family to come to Egypt

Genesis Msg 83

In this message Jacob and his family move to Egypt to begin the 400 year term prophesied by God to Abraham.

Genesis Msg 84

In this message Pharaoh welcomes Israel and his family to Egypt. The famine is now at its worst.

Genesis Msg 85

Jacob Blesses Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh.

Genesis Msg 86

In this message Jacob begins to prophecy over his twelve sons, part I

Genesis Msg 87

In this message Jacob continues to prophecy over his twelve sons, part II

Genesis Msg 88

In this message Jacob continues to prophecy over his twelve sons, part III

Genesis Msg 89

In this message Jacob dies and his elaborate funeral is discussed.

Genesis Msg 90

In this final message of the book of Genesis Joseph dies thus ending the first phase of the beginnings of the nation Israel.

Revelation Bible Study

  • Rapture, Resurrection and the Church
  • The Throne Room of God
    • Revelation 4:1-4 The Apostle John is lifted up to the Throne Room of God. For two chapters he observes all the characters implementing the Great Tribulation. In chapter 4 the focus is on God the Father; in chapter 5, the focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Revelation 4:5-5:4 God implements the Great Tribulation. This lesson begins the transfer of authority from God the Father to God the Son.
    • Revelation5:5-14 The Lord Jesus is our Goel. He is our Kinsman Redeemer who is the only one qualified to take the scroll which is the title deed to the earth.