Scholarship Program

Dr. Couch's Scholarship Program


Scofield Ministries is offering to qualified applicants a free starter library.

This Scholarship Program is for Pastors and/or Teachers of the Bible identified as men engaged in
serious biblical study and exegesis, will receive 5 books. For those who are identified to have an exceptionally strong
interest in the Scriptures there will be 3 hours of seminary level personal teaching with Dr. Daniel
E. Woodhead. He is presently a contributor to Scofield Ministries, pastor, and professor at Scofield Seminary*.

To qualify, one must be:

Teaching Sunday School/Teaching a Bible Study OR

A Pastor OR

Preparing for the ministry

An adult:

One scholarship per household please. Offer valid only in the U.S.A. Thank you

While Scofield Ministries and Scofield Seminary* share a name and are close in biblical exegesis,
they are individual entities. This scholarship program is limited to Scofield Ministries.

Please Send the following information to “”



Your Testimony:

Describe Your Ministry:

Where you attend(ed) seminary/college:

Your application will be reviewed.

You will be notified by email once you qualify and the books will be quickly mailed to you.
This is a one-time offer per student.

Friends of Scofield Ministries,

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To Our Blessed Savior the glory, Dr. Lacy Couch, Administrator