Understanding God’s Plan of the Ages


This book is designed to visually guide students through Scriptures, from eternity past to eternity future. It is concise and visual because time left on the earth is extremely short and witnessing for Christ should be accelerated. As the message goes forth, the comforting fact that God has a Plan must be emphasized. Most in our day simply float through life with no regard for their own immortality, not realizing that History will not continue forever!

It is the author's intent that Christ be exalted by the contents of this book. Jesus is the only hope for eternal salvation for all of history revolves around His work at the cross and His soon return. Nothing matters more than trusting Him as Savior, knowing Him personally, and living for His miraculous appearance.

More and more Dispensationalism finds itself under attack. This book explains why Christ, and not the Kingdom, is the central theme of the Bible.

This book can be used for individual or group study. It is ideal for home Bible classes, home groups, flock groups, etc …

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*Spiral Bound Book