This Great Nation


Dr. Mal Couch has documented how America as a nation is falling apart in this Hardcover book! Morality is shifting so rapidly that it seems almost impossible to follow the path of destruction. No nation was so blessed as America from its very beginning. The Pilgrims and Puritans planted the seeds of church and national democracy for later times and for later generations. Religious freedom would be a struggle. While all the founding fathers were not perfect, they were still driven by what the Bible said. But the times are changing! This is not the same nation our forefathers knew, nor is it the country in which most of us was raised a few decades ago. We are now sailing on troubled waters! What comes next?

Dr. Couch's hardback book explores and explains the Christian Heritage which was once the foundation of this country. This 140 page book is a must have, especially for older homeschoolers. Limited hardcover copies are available.

This book is also available at as an EBOOK