The Sovereignty of God


As my husband was preparing to leave this world to be with his Savior, whom he loved and served fifty-four years, I asked him of all the doctrines in God's Word, which he had taught throughout his ministry, which single one helped him get through his pain and suffering? He smiled and said, What do you think? The Sovereignty of God, of course.”

So, it gives me comfort to publish this little volume in his memory. He believed every word. Not only did he believe it, he lived it until he took his last breath and became a “glorified saint”!

He blazed the faithful trail for me, as well as for others to follow.

Until we meet again on some glorious day, I remain the wife of a “glorified saint” and the Administrator of my husband's ministry unto the Lord.

Looking for the Blessed Hope,
Dr. Lacy Couch

*Spiral Bound Book