The Hope of Heaven: We Shall be in the Likeness of His Resurrection


Dr. Mal Couch has written this book to give courage to all who put their faith in Christ as their Savior. The Word of God tells us that we will be with our Maker for eternity. Almost from the very beginning of the Bible the after-life is spelled out for our edification and comfort. In fact it can be said for certain that the Scriptures tells us more of heaven and eternity than any other religious writing. And the Bible gives us near complete information on the subject. No one can read the Word of God and not be encouraged along this journey of life. Pass this book on to friends and those who are confused about eternity and heaven. We will someday see our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, face to face.

The Hope of Heaven is a softcover book that is important for all pastors, the layman, and also the student in seminary. It gives the major priciples we all need to be reminded of as to what heaven is all about. Dr. Couch sets forth the great truths about heaven. While the book has much to say about what we need to know, it is written in easy language so that anyone can grasp the subject. You may wish to order additional copies for friends and those who love the Word Oof God and who are looking forward to eternity with their Creator. It will give them assurance when reading their Bible.

This book is also available on as an EBOOK