The Coming of the Holy Spirit


This small softcover book, by master teacher and theologian, Dr. Mal Couch is a thorough going examination of the Biblical portrait of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

This work seeks to deal with the following questions:

How has the Spirit of God operated in the various Dispensations and Ages of the past?
What does the Holy Spirit have to do with the Christian walk and service?
Does the Holy Spirit produce ascetic or mystical experiences within the believer? Can you “feel” the Holy Spirit?
How does the Holy Spirit produce fruit and maturity in the life of the child of God? Is the Filling of the Spirit simply for the emotional aspect of the Believer? Is an emotional experience the most important ministry of the Holy Spirit?
What are the purposes of the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are they evidence of His presence and maturity of a given Believer? Are the gifts helpful in a pragmatic sense and necessary for the body of Christ? What are the gifts of Spirit (especially the gift of linguistics or tongues)for?

This book is also available on as an EBOOK