The Biblical Doctrine of Woman


For generations we have always said “Mankind.” But the feminists have made us change that to “Humankind” since they think they are excluded by the use of the word “Man.” Now both men and women are seen as the same.

Some argue today, “Well, Paul is talking about cultural issues and not doctrinal issues.” Wrong! He does not argue from cultural or social perspectives but from a doctrinal perspective. The things Paul and Peter mention about women are the qualities that God says are most important!

Has the culture and the society won in dictating to Christians what really counts in life?

As judgment fell on Israel in the Old Testament, the men became soft and acted like women. And as well, they gave in to the women to allow them to rule.

God would bring judgment: “The gates of your land will be opened wide to your enemies, and fire will consume the bars of your gates (Nahum 3:13b), because “Behold, your people are [become like] women in your midst” (v. 13a). FEMINISM reigned and ruled, bringing judgment upon the nation of Israel!

Toward the end of the tribulation, just before the Lord returns, the protected cities will be isolated, the homes forsaken, and tree branches that could have produced food will be cut down (27:10). Foolish women, without “discernment” will dry broken limbs for firewood. The “women will make fires with the dried limbs, … and their Maker [the Lord] will not have compassion on them” (v. 11). He “will not be gracious to them.”

Women are important! Don't fall for that gender inclusiveness that placates the feminist agenda. You need Dr. Couch's study on The Biblical Doctrine of Woman!

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