Dr. Mal Couch has written this softcover booklet to again substantiate the belief in this most important doctrine. Inerrancy was his masters thesis in graduate school. It was a reminder to him, and to those who read his thesis, of how important the subject is to all who honor the Scriptures. Where all of this will go, and how soon the destruction will take over our seminaries and churches, we just do not know, but it could all happen sooner than we can imagine.

Inerrancy is a book that is important for all pastors, the layman, and also the student in seminary. It gives the major principles we all need to be reminded of as to how the Bible came to be. But more, our Bible can be trusted. It is the Word of God!

While the book has much we need to know about, it is written in easy language so that anyone can grasp the subject. Order additional copies for friends and those who love the Word of God. It will give them assurance when reading their Bible.

“Whatever the Divine Scripture says is the voice of the Holy Spirit.” –Gregory of Nyssia


Mike Licona in a recent book (“The Resurrection of Jesus”) has said that Matthew 27:51-53 should be taken in a poetic way and not as a historical statement. Matthew 27:51-53 says: “The veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom, and the earth shook; and the rocks were split, and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised. …and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection they entered the holy city and appeared to many.”

Licona, who is supposed to be an evangelical, writes that this passage should not be taken literally. He suggests the dead were not literally raised but that this is a poetic expression. Albert Mohler counters this weak argument and said this is dehistoricizing Matthew 27:52. “It is calamitous and inconsistent with the affirmation of biblical inerrancy.” This passage has always been taken literally. But Liberty University’s Gary Habermas agrees with Licona. Norman Geisler and Mohler go against Habermas and show that all evangelical scholars of ages present and past hold that this is a historical statement that upholds inerrancy. Matthew knew what he was saying when he wrote this passage, being led by the Holy Spirit in so doing!

These are the opening words of Dr. Mal Couch’s simple, yet informative book on the profoundly important doctrine of inerrancy. In this book Dr. Couch lays out the historic doctrine of inerrancy. In the words of St Augustine, “I learned to show this reverence and respect only to those books of the scriptures which are now called canonical so that I most firmly believe that none of their authors erred in anything.” It is in this vain that Dr. Couch holds the historic and orthodox line on Biblical inerrancy.

It is with great pleasure that we commend this book to you the reader from one of the most faithful Bible teachers of our generation.- Dr. Kenny Rhodes, President, Scofield Seminary, CA

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