For The Cause of Zion


There is no book like this one! The latest volume from Dr. Couch gives the historic background of the last centuries that lead up to our day. The 140 page hardback is a stunning presentation of the fall of Europe after the Reformation, and a thorough treatment of the last two centuries that led us up to our times. “In the spring of 2008 it seemed as if the world just fell apart.”

On this book Dr. Tom McCall writes “this is a great biblical and historical experience” that tells us what is happening among the nations spiritually, culturally, and socially, and certainly prophetically. Couch writes “We are on the collision course with the final days of world history. The time is later than we can imagine!”

Some of the important chapters:

The Messiah: The longing of the Jewish People
Humanism: “We Will Save Ourselves”
World War II: The Jewish War
Our New President and Globalism
The Apostasy: The Falling Away
Nuclear War in the Middle East

This book is also available on as an EBOOK