Dispensational Apologetic Conference CDS


The Middle East is moving toward the climax of the tribulation and the return of the Lord. We are living in an age of prophecy being fulfilled.

This conference addressed how this knowledge ought to be folded into our apologetic as we defend the faith and share the gospel while holding onto our Bible-based world view.

This Conference Addresses the Following Questions:

What is a Dispensational Apologetic?
How is prophecy is being fulfilled today?
Why does God continue to work with the nation of Israel?


  • Why A Dispensational/Apologetic? — Dr. Mal Couch
  • Is the Church in Galatians 6:16? — Dr. Andy Woods
  • Differences and Similarities between Israel and the Church — Dr. Tom McCall
  • Prophecy Being Fulfilled: Israel Returning to the Land in Unbelief –Dr. Mal Couch
  • Israel and the Kingdom — Steven Ger

Perfect for personal Bible Studies as well as in home Bible studies with family and friends, this 5 CD Set is a must have for every Theological library.