America, The Nations, and Israel


Since the publishing of the book 'For The Cause Of Zion,' so many things have happened that it seems impossible to keep up with all of the developments. Our world is changing rapidly, and these changes have to do with America, the Nations, and the State of Israel. We are indeed moving to something ominous that will touch all nations and all peoples of the planet. Because of the centrality of the U.S., there are plans for a third book entitled Christianity and the Founding of America. This author believes we are moving into what the Bible describes as the end times of world history!

Dr. Mal Couch in this volume makes the connection between what is happening in our day, and the role of the Nations in Bible prophecy. The hardcover book looks forward but also to the past in order to complete the mosaic of world affairs and prophecy. The nations have a key role to play in the final days as described in Scripture. There are also details of history that are fascinating to look at that make the Bible come alive for both the Christian and even for the skeptic.

Dr. Couch is well qualified to write on the important subjects of this book, having traveled twenty-three times to Israel and the Middle East, producing many documentary films about that part of the world, conducting Christian radio talk shows, teaching in and presiding over theological seminaries, and serving as the pastor of churches. The reader is in for a great biblical and historical experience, as he comes to a deeper understanding of Israel’s part in the soon return of Christ to the earth. Those who read the first book in this series, For The Cause Of Zion, know they are in for a treat and a prophetic adventure that relates to the events of our day.

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