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Gathering Storm


Dr. Paul Benware

Dr. Paul Benware

    Dr. Benware is a Bible Professor, Theologian, Preacher, Conference Speaker and Author who has a passion for teaching and training the Church of Jesus Christ. As a conservative theologian he is committed to teaching the Scriptures as the fully inspired Word of God. He has a deep concern for the Church to learn, know and live the truths of Biblical Prophecy. Visit his website:

Dr. Paul Benware: Payday is Coming: My Sin and Christ's Judgment Seat The most common concern of believers when it comes to the Judgment Seat is: "will my sins be brought up there?" All of us are all too aware of those times when we failed ...READ MORE

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Dr. Robert Lightner

Dr. Robert Lightner

    Dr Lightner joined the Dallas Seminary faculty in 1968 after teaching for seven years at Baptist Bible College/Seminary in Johnson City, New York, and also teaches at the Seminary’s extension sites. A professor of all the doctrines of Systematic Theology, Dr. Lightner has authored twenty-four books, most of which are about these doctrines. Since the 1950s he has helped struggling churches and/or ones seeking a pastor by serving as interim pastor thirty-three times at twenty-four churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. His overseas ministries include work in Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, and London (Spurgeon’s Tabernacle).

Dr. Robert Lightner: Think On These Things: Hope I hope you are informed and challenged by this piece. That is my desire. Some of you may be more informed and challenged while others may not be. The word "hope" in my first sentence is used as a verb. In the Bible the word is ... READ MORE

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The Messianic Jewish Voice

Steven Ger

Steven Ger

    Steven Ger grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn , New York and Aberdeen , New Jersey , where he was educated in both church and synagogue due to his distinctive heritage as a Jewish Christian. He is the founder and director of Sojourner Ministries, an organization dedicated to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity. The name of the ministry is derived from the Hebrew meaning of Mr. Ger’s surname. In Hebrew, the word “ger” means sojourner or wanderer. This particular “wandering” Jew’s faith journey has led him to the conviction that Jesus is the Messiah who was foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures.

    Steven’s first book, the commentary The Book of Acts: Witness to the World, was released in 2005. This was followed by The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary (coauthor, 2007) and his latest commentary, The Book of Hebrews: Christ is Greater (2009). He is also a contributing author to the books The Gathering Storm (2005), The Popular Bible Prophecy Encyclopedia (2006) and Zondervan King James Version Commentary: Old Testament (2010). He is the former host of the North Texas weekly radio show, The Jewish Heart of Christianity, and is uniquely equipped to comment on Israel , Judaism and the Church. He has appeared as a guest expert on both radio and television. He is also the host of an hour-long teaching video, The Unleavened Messiah: A Portrait of Christ in the Passover, showing how Christ’s reinterpretation of the Passover meal instituted the celebration of communion and announced a new era in human history.

    Television audiences and church congregations alike have enjoyed Steven’s leading in invigorating, contemporary messianic worship. He is an accomplished singer, pianist and songwriter whose composition, "Jeremiah 31", was recorded by The Liberated Wailing Wall.

    Steven has led 15 tours to Israel , with extensions to Egypt , Greece , Jordan , Turkey and Germany . He is an adjunct professor of Jewish Studies at Criswell College, and has lectured at Dallas Theological Seminary and taught at Tyndale Seminary. He served for fifteen years within the local church as Worship and Christian Education minister and as worship leader at messianic congregation Adat Shalom. Stgeven currently serves as Teaching Pastor for messianic congregation Beth Sar Shalom in Plano, TX.

    He earned a BA in psychology and interpersonal communications from Trenton State College and a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary. Steven lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Adria, and their son, Jonathan Gabriel.

Steven Ger: Memories of Mal: Mal was my patron, in the classic sense of the word. Back in December 1997, when I was just starting out on my own with Sojourner Ministries... READ MORE

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Visit his website: Sojourner Ministries

Dr. John Pappas

Dr. John Pappas

   Dr. Pappas has been a co-laborer with Dr. Couch for over 15 years, participating in Church and academic activities, teaching Bible, Biblical languages, theology, and prophecy.

    He received his BS in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas; MA in Biblical languages from Tyndale Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas; MDiv., Th.M and Th.D from Scofield Graduate School, Modesto, California. Dr. Pappas also works as an engineer specializing in embedded avionic systems for helicopters. He holds patents in both ice protection and vibration control for helicopters.

    He authors the website Bible Greek Vpod, which is dedicated to teaching the Biblical languages to all who desire to learn them.

Dr. John Pappas: Theology in John, Part Four: Spiritual transformation results in eternal life. That is the great truth of Scripture in chapter three. Chapter four says believers can never lose the gift of eternal life that God has given them (cf. John 4:14; 6:32, 37-40) ... READ MORE

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Dr. Tom McCall

Dr. Tom McCall


    Dr. McCall has a Doctorate in Old Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has authored or co-authored nine books on Biblical subjects, served 25 years as Missionary with Chosen People Ministries, worked with Zola Levitt in his Television ministry, and taught adjunct college and seminary courses.

    He has led numerous tours to Israel, the Middleast, Greece and Europe, participated in archaeological programs about Biblical Lands. He is currently teaching adult Bible classes in the Tyler area, and in live streaming and archived classes on the Internet.

Dr. Tom McCall : Papal Primacy or Bible Primacy The Associated Press reported that the new Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted Papal primacy, indicating that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church because it has apostolic succession. The Pope's teaching is that the Catholic Church can trace its successive line of bishops from the Apostle Peter to today ... READ MORE

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Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead

Daniel E. Woodhead

    Daniel E Woodhead is the pastor of Pentwater Bible Church and executive VP of Scofield Seminary where he teaches Biblical Hebrew and the Jewish Studies program. He has attended the Moody Bible Institute, Tyndale Seminary. He has taken Hebrew from Hebrew University in Jerusalem both on-line and on campus. He was a student of Dr. Couch and earned his MTS and Ph.D degrees through him at Scofield Seminary. Find more of his writings at his blog, Doctor Woodhead, Theology in Perspective.

    Dr. Woodhead also has written a commentary on 1 Corinthians titled, "Practical Biblical Instruction For Living In A Hostile Culture.

Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead: The Lord Will Return The Bible is very clear that The Lord Jesus will be returning to this earth in full bodily form. In fact we are commanded to watch for and be constantly alert to this fact. As we notice the world seemingly spinning out of control it is important to remember what God's Word says about our attitude... READ MORE

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Dr. Andy Woods

Dr. Andy Woods


   Dr. Andy Woods became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honors earning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science (University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School, CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus Community College, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in Pico Rivera, CA (1996-1998).

    In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors (2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Andy is the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church and an associate professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston and teaches Bible and theology. In addition, Andy has contributed to many theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

Dr. Andy Woods: The Rapture, Part Twenty-One [ We will begin to explore some of the weaknesses associated with the other competing views that seek to answer the question, "When will the rapture take place relative to the coming Tribulation period?"...READ MORE

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Dr. Don M. Miller: An Unchanging Message for an Ever Changing World All of us have sinned, all of us have fallen short of God's perfect standard. Our sin completely and totally separates us from any chance of reaching God. But God did for US what we could NEVER EVER do for ourselves ... READ MORE

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Gathering Storm 2014

  • January Understanding the Kingdom of God: What It Is and What It Is Not, Part 1 with Dr. Andy Woods
  • February Understanding the Kingdom of God: What It Is and What It Is Not, Part 2 with Dr. Andy Woods
  • March Understanding the Kingdom of God: What It Is and What It Is Not, Part 3 with Dr. Andy Woods
  • April "And they Have Divided Up My Land" (Joel 3:2) with Dr. Tom McCall and Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead
  • May TBA with Dr. Paul Benware
  • June TBA with Dr. Paul Benware
  • July TBA
  • August TBA
  • September TBA
  • October The Importance of Messianic Prophecy with Steven Ger
  • November TBA
  • December The Superiority and Exclusivity of Jesus Christ with Steven Ger

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Going Home CD

Dr. Couch is at home with the Lord! Hear his 'Going Home' message.

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By popular demand we have republished a limited number of our popular set that looks at every aspect of prophecy concerning the nation of Israel. The teachers include Dr. Mal Couch and Dr. Andy Woods. The 11 CD set, included in an attractive album, is for a suggested donation of just $30 plus $2 for shipping and handling! It will give you hours of study and insights in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.

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Resurrection Sunday (2009)

by Dr.Mal Couch


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Prophecy Research Articles
by Dr. Mal Couch

Did You Know? More than likely, the earth before the flood was going around the sun perpendicular on its axis. This gave uniform weather for each one year period. The sun was striking the earth continually at the equator giving the canopy and green house effect. ... READ MORE

Mystery Babylon What is going on with the term Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17:5? There is a lot of confusion about this expression. The word "mystery" is a noun and not an adjective. It was Tertullian in the second century who first called Babylon, Rome... READ MORE

The End of Europe So says the lead article and the cover in the recent issue of TIME Magazine. And this is just what has to happen for the antichrist to take over. There must be a crisis in order to bring the whole world to the brink. While the church will not go through the tribulation ... READ MORE

It Is All Over ... God's Hand Is Raised Against Us! If you have not noticed, it is all over for the world. What will happen soon no one knows for certain but it all ties in with what I have been teaching for almost 50 years. America is doomed morally and economically. The Middle East is collapsing ... READ MORE

Pre-wrath Rapture:"Here It Comes Again!" It makes its rounds from time to time. The Pre-Wrath Rapture view. If I started advocating that concrete is made out of vanilla ice cream, it would not take long before there would be somebody who would believe it. Put out any false view and there will be takers ... READ MORE

America Due Judgement A viewer of our website reminded us of the awesome passages about homosexuality in Scripture. God is no longer "consulted" on such matters! America has caved in and is doing what the Bible clearly warned about. Our laws even protect the Sodomites! A judgment is certain! ... READ MORE

German Army Did Not Listen to Moses The British Army was under the gun in World War II in North Africa with the Germans, and because of the military leadership of their most able combat leader, General Erwin Rommel. The Germans were winning-but then along came the little lowly fly- In the German Army camps the troops ... READ MORE

God's Wrath is Coming C. Rushton has an outstanding article in the May edition of "The Prophetic Observer." The present administration is turning rapidly against the nation of Israel. It reminds me of Jeremiah 30:17 where the enemies of Israel speak of her as an outcast and they cry: "It is Zion, no one cares for her." A judgment is ... READ MORE

The Blessings That Come From The Jews There are more technical innovations from the Jewish people than from any other people on earth. Israel, with seven million people, attract as much venture capital as France and German combined. Because of their strong economy, Israel has weathered the global recession more than most nations. They have the strongest ... READ MORE

God Has Already Told Us, So Why Are We Surprised? There will always be evil in high places, especially when the culture collapses. We should expect it! America has departed from the Word of God, and from the Lord Himself. "When the righteous triumph, there is great glory. But when the wicked rise, men hide themselves" (Prov. 28:12). "When the wicked ... READ MORE

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"HOW DOES ONE BECOME A CHRISTIAN?" Perfect for sharing the gospel.

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To Help You Grow

Think Biblically
with Dr. Lacy Couch

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From Dr. Couch's
Library of Classics

S. Lewis Johnson - The Passing of a Giant: On January 28, 2004, one of America's greatest Greek scholars went home to be with His Savior. Dr. Johnson taught hundreds if not thousands of students the marvels and spiritual wonders of the New Testament Greek text... READ MORE

Inerrancy And The Gospels: The doctrine of inerrancy is actually an extension of the doctrine of inspiration. If the Holy Spirit has inspired the writers of Scripture and superintended their message, then it stands to reason that the message is without error. The written revelation reflects the thoughts of a holy God who would speak to us only what is true... READ MORE

The War Now Raging: No one can deny we are in a terrible spiritual conflict. Though that struggle began with the fall of Adam, the intensity in some ways seems to be escalating. What is also disturbing is that so many belivers ... READ MORE

The Death Struggle of Systematic Theology: Since the tumultuous days of the Reformation, Calvin and others began to put down in systematic fashion the doctrines that became so dear to the Protestant revolt against Rome, though systemizing the ... READ MORE

Five Great Events Coming on Mankind!: (1) The Apostasy of the church: The word Apostasy means "The Falling Away." The church (those who are "religious") will turn away, fall away from the truth. WE ARE NOW IN THE TIME OF THE APOSTASY!... READ MORE

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America Must Pray

    Public prayer, spiritual publications of poems and music, have always been a part of America, until recently. There are forces now trying to silence the Christian spiritual heritage of open and free expression to our God that made this nation great.

    Christian expression and public prayer was a vital part of our nation’s blessing. We may not fully know of the spiritual state of all the men we examine, but we do know none of them were fearful of prayers to the God of the Bible in the public setting.

    If you are a pastor or Sunday school teacher, please print off these little bits of our history and share them with others.

Thomas Paine : In the 1760s Thomas Paine became a catalyst for the Revolutionary war. He was known as being hot-tempered and at times erratic, and an agnostic at best. Theodore Roosevelt called him "that filthy little atheist." But even atheists in the fox hole can call upon God, and that is just what Paine often did. His prayers may not have been sincere but they were ... READ MORE

Early Christian Colleges : By the conclusion of the Revolutionary war there were already two dozen institutions of higher learning in America, dedicated to Christian principles and various disciplines to benefit the new nation. They supplied the colonies with politicians, lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and merchants. They cast a wide shadow in their influence on the affairs of ... READ MORE

Sanford Bennett : One of the most enduring songs written after the Civil War was by Sanford Bennett entitled, "In the Sweet By and By." Bennett was the owner of a drugstore in Elkhorn, Wisconsin who had just returned from the war. A friend, Joseph Webster, a gifted musician trained formally in composition, came to Bennett's store each day to talk and play ... READ MORE

Andrew Jackson : In the summer of 1832, at the end of Jackson's first term as president, cholera was raging across Europe, killing tens of thousands. It seemed to be heading for the U.S. as well. The Reformed Church of America called upon Jackson to call designate a day of fasting and humiliation, and prayer to protect the people of ... READ MORE

Eddy Rickenbacker : Rickenbacker joined the Army to fight in Europe during World War I. He began his career in 1917 as the chauffeur of the U.S. Commander of the European forces, General John J. Pershing. But he transferred to the newly formed Army Air Corp, the Ninety-fourth Aero Pursuit Squadron. In time he became the ... READ MORE

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Spanish Audio Bible Teaching

Dr. Raj Kripalani

Dr. Raj Kripalini and wife Adrienne

    Dr. Raj Kripalani was born in India but grew up in the country of Belize and lived in Mexico City for 4 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ambassador University in East Texas, Master’s degree in Apologetics from Tyndale Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Ministries in Theology (D.Min.) from Louisiana Baptist University and a PhD from Trinity Graduate School of Theology. He received his ordination in Ministries from Tyndale Seminary in 2002.

    Dr. Kripalani is fluent in Spanish, Sindhi, Creole and English and serves as Hispanic Pastor at First Baptist Church in Corsicana, TX. His current ministry also involves teaching Spanish Theology, and Spiritual Growth classes for potential Hispanic pastors and lay leaders. He is married to Adrienne who was born and raised in Liberal KS. Adrienne had 5 yrs. experience working with Child Evangelism Fellowship in inner city St. Louis before she met and married Raj. They are new parents to 16 month old Johannes Kripalani.

You can find his sermons at:

Scholarship Program

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Was Luke a Jew or a Gentile? Read More

How do you take 1 Corinthians 11 where Paul speaks about examining yourself and the issue of eating and drinking judgment on oneself? Read More

Is there going to be a worldwide tribulation? When will this happen and what is it? Read More

Genesis 3:8 says that the Lord walked in the garden in the "cool of the day." Was this in the morning or evening? And, did God have a body like human beings? Read More

What is happening to America and the world on the economic level? Could we be moving into a worldwide depression that would herald the coming seven-year tribulation? Read More

Someone told me that 2 Chronicles 20:11 is an important verse because it says that the Land of Promise, the Holy Land, is God's particular possession. Is this true? Read More

I have friends who foolishly say the church is in the OT. They say that the Greek Septuagint, for example, translates the Hebrew word "congregation" from the Greek word "ecclesia" which can be "church." Thus, the doctrine of the church is in the OT. How do you answer? Read More

You have made me a believer in regard to the fact that the church benefits from the New covenant today, but we do not "fulfill" it as Israel will in the kingdom. Why do people resist this idea? I'm specifically referring to the quoting of Joel 2 in Acts 2, and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Read More

Is it true that Christ is unaware of certain truths, such as the day and hour of His coming, as it seems to be mentioned in Matthew 24:36-37? Many believe He set aside His knowledge of that coming day with only His Father knowing. What do you say? Read More

Are you familiar with the book 'Understanding the Dispensational Controversy' by Kerry Trahan? Read More

When did the eight noun case system in Greek fall out of favor and give way to the six case system? And what does this have to do with studying Greek? Read More

Is there a mixing between the Mosaic covenant (the Law) with the New covenant? It seems that is the case in Deuteronomy 30, especially verse 6, where it is mentioned that someday God would "circumcise their hearts and the hearts of your descendants to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul in order that you may live." Read More

What did Christ mean when He said the coming of the Son of God to earth to reign: "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only" (Matt. 24:36)? Does not Christ, being very God, know everything the Father knows? Read More

Revelation 5:10 says in the Westcott & Hort "Thou hast made THEM a kingdom and priests .." whereas the KJV says "us." Which is right? Read More

How do you understand 1 Corinthians 13:10 which speaks of "when the perfect has come, the partial will be done away." Some Bible teachers are saying this refers to the close of the canon of the NT, not the second coming of Christ. Did Paul know when the canon was going to be closed? What do you think? Read More

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